• Carlos Augusto Albán Vela

To Believe

(Translated into English by Sandra Giraldo Tello)

Carlos Tuto Alban. - When we live in the search of inner knowledge, we find different readings, interpretations, knowledge, evidence, many of them taken from scientific sources, others from the own experiences, some confronted or complemented with others. That is to say that the person who believes in science, can also believe in spirituality, reason may be supplemented with intuition. I have known more cases through the time, of those who throughout their lives have approached a way of seeing and understanding what's happening to them, and eventually, when encountering inexplicable phenomena, they expand their vision of the world.

Some disciplines or beliefs do not accept other possibilities of interpreting phenomena that cannot be supported by reason, there are also scientists who despite their training and professional practice, do believe in God and see Him as a complementary force to practice their job. Such is the case of some doctors, who after given the certainty that a person could no longer live due to their critical state of health, they find the patient soon recovers their health, moreover, they find it has been influenced by a personal or family request, a prayer or actions added to the medical care.

There are people whose evidence has been given, having tried to pass the threshold that would lead them to transcend this plane, and inexplicably they have returned to the present life and have witnessed the medical procedure they had received and the care they were given in the surgery room. These people’s level of consciousness was none and yet they can demonstrate with specific data, what happened while they were declared dead.

We are a whole and we should allow ourselves to have an open mind to all the possibilities the universe gives. This does not make us more or less intelligent, but more aware of the possibilities that can be offered, understanding that our way of seeing the world has to do with our origins, the beliefs of our families, our culture, and our education. Have you wondered the way you would interpret your reality if you had been born on the other side of the planet?

What is the truth? Yours, that is your truth but each one deals with one and finds his own. On many occasions, concepts or knowledge are mixed with others and that is completely valid if we understand that we are a whole and also a unit with different ways of approaching one another.

In 2020, I had the opportunity, with a colleague to do more than 25 interviews in my virtual program, Meanwhile Alive. I shared with people who handled different perceptions about inner knowledge: they valued yoga, meditation, numerology, the astral chart, contact with angels, traditional medicine and Ayurveda, compassion, and service as a life practice, among others. These people are mostly professionals in other academic fields, they have been educated in regular classrooms, but this does not deny them the possibility of investigating other aspects that lead them mainly to heal their problems as well as to find a possibility to serve others thanks to the new knowledge acquired.

I am strongly convinced that the spiritual experiences do have a real sense and a single purpose, to heal and to serve. If the reason for seeking and applying spiritual knowledge is based on a profitable interest or ego growth, the way is wrong.

We are fortunate to be Latin Americans. We mix our indigenous ancestry with Christian influence, we receive information from the East and we seek explanations in constructions such as the pyramids and our ancestors’ monuments, the plants are ritualized to heal, to feed, and to protect. It’s wonderful! Isn’t it?

After traveling many paths, we surely start clarifying and refining the knowledge we have received. We start feeling close identified with some perspectives, as it happens with all the information we receive in life.

It is important to be open mind to know new possibilities, to believe that when welook at the universe, things may be happening there in the distance. I invite you and myself to try to discover them and if we do not find any answer, let us continue with an open heart, always willing to understand that we are much more than what we allow ourselves to feel.