Launch of the platform ‘Mientras tanto vivo’


A Colombian grown-up man on his adventure through his own inner world decides to create a web-portal on wellbeing, he has planned to launch it in Australia.


In November 28th at 6:30 p.m. at the Cervantes Institute in Sydney Australia, the Colombian, social communicator journalist, Carlos Augusto Albán, will make the official presentation of his web portal ‘Mientras tanto Vivo’.


In the first part of the event, there will held a conversation between the communicator and the Colombian Consul in Sydney, Nancy Benítez, which has been titled "The Australian Dream". During this talk there will be discussed the State's obligations to its nationals and the reality that they face when they arrive in Australia.


In the second part, as a result from the impressions generated by his three-month stay in Australia and as part of his permanent search for the well-being of the human beings, Carlos Alban will make an analysis of the situation experienced by newly arrived Colombians, to move on next to the presentation of the platform. The event will be streamed online via Facebook live.


"What I seek is to analyze conjunctural situations of human beings and suggest patterns of well-being, without falling into a perfect world model, but assuming the human condition with its potentialities and defects. We do not seek to replace the expert professionals, but if we rely on them in order to help people have better tools when facing a particular situation," argued the platform's creator, Carlos Augusto Alban.


"Mientras tanto vivo" has this name because it seeks that people facing a difficult situation do not lose awareness of the gratitude of being alive and having other potentials in their existence, which sometimes adversity does not show.


Its creator


Carlos Augusto Albán throughout his life has demonstrated his sensitivity to social issues, volunteered with the Colombian Red Cross, supported the creation of the Communications office for the Victim Unit of Colombia,  is a social communicator journalist of the University of the Valley, Magister in Political Studies of the Universidad Javeriana, specialist in human rights issues and for more than 20 years director of the company Quixote Strategic Communication.

Three months ago, responding to the inner conviction of enhancing his knowledge at the service of others, he decided to stop and live for six months in Australia. From this process of detachment and with the help of tools such as meditation, this novel proposal emerged.


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